2019 Advancements In The Hire To Retire Solution By Cloud HR Software

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All kind of organization from startups to multinational organziations are quite aware of the importance of employee performance in their organization and journey towards the company being successful. The employee’s morale is proportionally related to the development of the organization and the more employee will perform the more there will be the company’s growth. There is a requirement of highly skilled HR team who knows how to manage all the things going in the company and act accordingly. The mainstream functionalities of the HR team is to manage the employees and make sure they stay within the organization and give their best performance. To squeeze out the real potential and calibre of the employees they need a good atmosphere which is best suitable for them but if we keep the operational cost in mind it will not be feasible for the company to hire number of HR’s for all the functions and also the more human intervention will unintentionally invite numerous human errors which will be responsible for employee dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction will lead to employee underperformance and an increase in turnover rate. Maintaining a good working environment is the key to cost efficiency by saving the training budget which will be invested in the new employees.
Just like any technology, HR is also trending and evolving day to day which are having many advancements to make the life of the HR and all the managerial personnel comparatively more convenient. With the introductions of the following technology, the HR and Payroll software has been stepping into a whole new generation with advanced monitoring and managing feature that will optimize the organization towards the achievement of the excellence and productivity.

Automated Onboarding

This is the feature which has given HR the power to auto assimilate the newly joined employees into the organization and let them onboard themselves. This technology provides a good digitalized impression of the company which is the primary measure to save employees and HR’s time and effort. It has effectively overcome the disadvantages of the previous system which had more involvement of forms and document management task. The primitive procedure was a bit hectic and managing all the onboarding procedure took time and this delay caused the employee training and full-fledged working a bit longer than usual. Automated onboarding is facilitated by providing the new employee with the authorization to login in the employee self-service portal and from here the work of hr software is finished and the new joint is required to fill their necessary details along with the mandatory documents to be uploaded in the portal. This process can be successfully finished by the new joint and the details can be later verified and authenticated by the responsible person. This also helps the employee to study their roles and responsibility along with their training and work schedule which helps them to specifically get an idea regarding how things will work out in the new environment.


This is the advancement in attendance management technology which will help the organization to restrict their employee resources to punch their attendance from a predefined location. This location is a virtual geo-coordinated boundary which is like a virtual fence and if an employee wants to punch they have to manually come within the fence and mark their attendance from their mobile devices. The mobile devices from which the employees are allowed to punch are GPS enabled through which the server access their current location and decides whether to accept the location punch or reject the request. With geo-fencing, a company can integrate an employee with a predefined location for marking their attendance which gives the assurance of the location visit. The technology is widely used where the company is having many employees who are visiting client location and the organization wants to confirm the punching is to be done only from that location.

Geo Tracking

Geo tracking gives the company an ability to track the live location of all their employee resources with the help of GPS enabled mobile devices. This helps in developing transparency and authenticating the visits which are done by the field employees or the employees who are traveling on a business trip. The HR and managers can confirm the employee location and also provide them with the instruction to formulate the business trip in a way which will be more efficient and productive.

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