4 Ideal Venues for A Sweet Birthday Surprise for Your Wife

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Whenever a special event for couples is approaching, although it’s not mandatory, planning of a special way to celebrate is part of it. You think of unique adventures, luscious restaurants and beautiful places to be in. There are so many options out there but sometimes, you get zero point in planning such things. Your mind just won’t cooperate or it’s just not your talent.

Husbands who want their wives to feel extra special even after so many years of being together want nothing but the best for their wives’ special days as well and even those who’ve just gotten wedded.

If you are one of those sweet hubbies, thinking of a good place to celebrate with your wife, and also planning to throw a surprise birthday party or an intimate birthday date as a surprise, you might be looking for some good setting! This piece is especially for you!

Below are some ideas of ideal places for you to make happen your surprise birthday celebration for your wife:  



The city is crowded, polluted and straining. Work is stressful and overloading. It’s not every day that you get to take a break from all the weariness. One amazing and unique way to let your wife spend her birthday is to do some refreshing dipping and splashing.

A beach, a resort or a beach resort would be a great place for you and your wife to get revitalized by the ocean water or by the hot spring water. It’s a good place where you can give your wife a chance to ease her body off from all the heavy tasks at home.

A nice meal by the seashore is absolutely romantic! You’ll hear the sound of the crashing waves, appreciate the birds singing and feel the peerless sea breeze as you spend time together on your wife’s birthday.

If she enjoys the water, the sand and the beach, she will surely love this kind of birthday surprise! Even if she’s not very much of a fan, still, she’d definitely be unwinded to see the magnificence of the sky and the sea meeting each other. By just looking at the beautiful beach sceneries, your wife can feel very blessed to witness such great creation on the remarkable day she was born.



If you want a kind of surprise that not most people can think of, choose a zoo as a birthday surprise venue. This will especially be very nice if your wife is an animal lover, but even if she’s not, she will certainly have fun visiting the lovely zoo animals!

The zoo is also a good venue if you want to bring your kids and celebrate as a family. The whole squad will enjoy and surely have sweet smiles and laughters without a doubt! It’s a great time to appreciate those awesome creatures while being thoughtful.

Zoos also offer some adventures and activities inside. You can let your wife have a memorable birthday by making her carry a huge snake or a little croc and by feeding birds and monkeys too. All these are facilitated by the zoo’s staff, so if your wife’s a scaredy wifey, she’ll be assured that she’s going to be safe. It can be a very unforgettable birthday if your wife gets to conquer her fear of animals through this unique kind of surprise

Take tons of wonderful photos and videos too! There might also be some cafes or restaurants found exclusively inside the zoo which can be good venues for a cool zoo or safari themed birthday date! You’ll make your wife feel like she’s more youthful and enthusiastic through an adventure-filled birthday surprise!



A birthday celebration can also be pure relaxation and easing off; it’ll be highly appreciated by your wife who needs rest and peace of mind. Aside from a vacation and hopping from place to place, you can also surprise her a with a birthday staycation in a luxury accommodation.

Yes, you’ve read that right. It’s something really special not only because of the rates but most especially because luxury accommodations unquestionably offer the best services for their clients. They have matchless facilities and features that make them stand out and that completely differentiate them from the budget-friendly ones. A luxury accommodation might be costly, but it’s worth the price.

You can have a sweet couple’s dinner on the roof deck, beside the swimming pool, in the hotel’s romantic gazebo or in/on any special function room or open space owned by the luxurious accommodation.

There are also particular presents for birthday celebrators during the whole month, and you can let your wife enjoy the perks of her natal day. She can feel like a princess or a queen in a splendidly structured luxury accommodation that provides its clients hospitable and first-rate service.

It’s giving your wife a gift that literally makes her take a break from all the responsibilities, where she’s looking out the huge glass window of the hotel, sipping a glass of fresh fruit shake, seeing the beautiful sunset as it hides behind the ocean waves on the day of her birthday. What a special time it’d surely be. A rest filled with beauty.



Giving flowers to your wife might be something you’ve always been doing everytime that there is a significant occasion. It’s a typical thing that many people do, so if you want to give that a big and exceptional twist, take your wife to delightful flower garden where various species of flowers can be seen.

A huge flower garden where her eyes can be filled with shimmer seeing the overwhelming beauty and feeling the refreshing presence of numerous flowers and other plants. Have a dinner with her in a spot where she’ll closely see and even blend in with the colorful petals.  

Request for the freshest kinds of her favorite flowers and let it be the centerpiece of your dinner table. Make your wife feel as beautiful as and even more stunning than all those flowers in front of your eyes. See her bloom in bliss as she hugs you for a wonderful birthday surprise!




Birthday comes once a year. If you want to make a little more special for your wife, choose a place where she’ll feel totally special on her birthday. It’s a loving way to show her that she’s very much appreciated and that her love and care for your family will always be unlike any other in the most beautiful way.

As her husband, this is another way to make her feel like you’re on your first days of being together. Seeing a huge smile on her face and a shine in her eyes during her birthday and even every day is surely priceless.  



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Kims, an Australian beachside retreat offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. She is also an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. | Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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