5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Minicab Insurance

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From the last few years, the use of minibuses has increased exponentially for commercial purposes. To assist corporate needs, many businessmen are buying minibuses to meet their daily needs. A lot of individuals are purchasing them to make a living by offering minibus hire services. The increasing demand is one of the reasons behind the strict rules of buying minibus insurance. However, if you yourself own a minibus, you need to protect your business and your customers with private minibus hire insurance.

Insuring your van can be costly but there are many ways you can cut the prices of your premium down. Following a few guidelines with small changes can help you potentially save hundreds of pounds. Read on to find the ways you can get Cheap Minicab Insurance.

Pay More Voluntary Excess:

You can dramatically bring down the cost of your insurance premium by paying a higher excess in the event of a claim. However, it’s not obligatory to pay as it is strictly optional- it is totally up to you either you want to add one to your policy or not, but it’s an option worth considering.

Build Up Your No-Claims Bonus:

If you become successful by building up your no claim bonus, chances of bringing down your premium get higher. It is an effective way by which you can get a discount up to 25% if you do not have claims for a year but building up no claim bonus up to 5 years you can get a discount up to 75%.

Empty Your Van at Night:

Make sure that your van should not have expensive tools and other costly equipment at the time when you’re not using your vehicle especially at night. A vehicle with no expensive tools will be less of a target for thieves that can help you to lower your premium.

Secure Your Van:

By installing safety features, you can lower your premium down keeping your vehicle secure. Insurance companies appreciate the drivers with lower-risk if they found your vehicle difficult to steal by the thieves.

Pay Annually:

Paying your full premium at the front desk can help you save significant amounts of money. A lot of insurance companies prefer a lump sum amount to pay that can add a discount on your annual premiums.

At any point during the year, if you want to cancel your insurance, you need to claim a partial refund based on the time your policy has left with – subject to a cancellation fee.

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