6 Cities In Europe You Should Definitely Visit This Year

6 Cities In Europe
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There are many beautiful cities in Europe. Every city has its own different culture, practices, a specialty for which they are renowned in this world. From the architecture of the cities to the people residing there, Europe has to lot to offer its visitors. Some cities are known for history while others for the modernization. The whole of Europe is good with many beautiful towns and cities, and there is no denying it.

So if you are going to Europe, these are the cities you should visit.

 1. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

The capital of the Netherlands is one city which you should start your Europe trip with. It is known for its two sides; one is beautiful picturesque side, and the other is a famous Red Light district. Wandering around Amsterdam on a bicycle at the bridges is quite fun.

The thing you should see the floating flower market at Bloemenmarkt. Also, you can feel the life of common people at the Red Light District. Canal belt is another fantastic place and was declared a World Heritage site in 2010.

2. Istanbul, Turkey:

Istanbul is said to be the bridge to Europe and the east. The city is also in the same manner, the east part is the old city, and the best part is the developed area. The two completely different culture of east and west co-exist together and form an exciting world.

The Grand Bazaar is the place one should visit in Istanbul. The Aya Sofya monument was built even before the Ottoman Empire and is also a common tourist attraction. Istanbul is also known for archaeology museums.

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3. Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona is known for its colorful architecture. The vibrant houses and walls make the city unique from others. It is accurate of all kinds of travelers. You can walk down with your better half at the narrow alley of Barri gothic or party at the beachside nightclubs with your friends.

The colorful Park Guell is the most popular tourist spot in this city. You should also visit the Picasso museum if you are a fan of art. Taste the delicious Spanish food on the local streets and enjoy the dance and music of Spain.

4. Rome, Italy:

Thousands of years of history revolves around Rome. People from the whole world come to see this historic city, visit the ruins and all the museums to understand the history of Roman rulers. There are historical sites in every part of Rome.

You should visit the Colosseum and St. Peters Basilica in Rome. Moreover, the city of Rome also serves the best Italian cuisines. Taste the real Italian food and try all the Gelatos, pasta and your favorite Italian pizzas.

5. Paris, France:

Paris is popularly known to be the city of romance. In the colorful street light, you can go on a romantic stroll with your loved one alongside river Seine. See the whole city from the top of Eiffel Tower as a romantic dinner at the top of Eiffel Tower is almost on everyone’s wish list.

Paris is much more than the city of love. The city is also known for the lavish cuisines, best vine, art and high fashion. The Sun Palace, the Versailles Palace, and the Louvre are other common tourist attractions. If you love shopping, then you can decide to shop all the designers at Champ Elysses.

6. London, United Kingdom:

The capital city of England has something for all kinds of tourists. It is the center of all activities since the British ruling era. To see British history and glory, you should visit the Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.

The National Gallery is the place for the art fans while the theatre’s lovers should go to the West End Theatre District. The British Museum is the most common attraction for tourists.

There are a lot of wonderful cities in Europe like Florence, Vienna, Budapest, etc. The above six cities are unique as well as special in some way. There are lots of things to do in all these cities which keep the person visiting on toes all the time.

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