What are the benefits of messy play?

What are the benefits of messy play?
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An indication that your child has had a great time at their playschool is not only in the smiles and chatter that they go home with, but also in their disheveled and untidy appearance with marks on their clothes, sometimes they may not even be wearing the clothes they started their morning in and perhaps have blue or green hands.

This is the results of your child’s exploration, manipulation, curiosity and being able to just be messy.

We know that babies can hear sounds whilst in the womb and can identify their own mothers voice at birth. As their hearing develops more over time, studies have shown that a babies sense of smell is the most advanced sense at birth. Evidence indicates that at 2 weeks an infant can identify its own mothers milk from that of another mother. Through their mothers touch, aroma and voice the bonding process is initiated and enhanced. Kids Kingdom Nursery in Downtown, Dubai knows how children develop a preference for one particular soft toy or blanket, this is not due to the object itself, but rather their sensorial experience of this comforter. It may have a particular aroma or feel that offers a pleasant feeling of relaxation and security linked to a particular event or person.

Exploring funny smells and squishy textures are not just opportunities for your child to get messy and have fun, but they also support their self esteem, social skills and helps to them to develop controlled coordination, clear communication and cognitive understanding.

We can all recognize how a warm bath with bubbles at the end of the day can aid to the bedtime routine, as it calms little ones emotions and aids quality restful sleep. Each little squeeze, grasp or gentle touch your child experiences allows them to focus on managing and controlling their physical movement through fine motor skills or experiencing new sensations that they will use later as they grow. What better way to develop your child’s communication skills than to explore the sensations they are feeling in using language; does it feel hot, cold, wet or dry and the emotions your child is experiencing; calmness, curiosity, frustration or perhaps apprehension. This acquisition of language develops with them as they grow and builds on their self esteem and over all development.

Kids Kingdom Nursery in Dubai Downtown and DIFC allows children to freely explore their senses while having fun.

Messy play provides a stimulus that is non threatening and stress free in a positive environment where there are no expectations and is not goal orientated. In the right setting they can have total freedom of expression and creativity.

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