What is the Best Treatment to Erase the spots on the face?

What is the Best Treatment to Erase the spots on the face?
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Did it hurt? How long will you see the results? We tell you more about this technique with a laser to erase the spots of the face

The appearance of spots on the face is one of the biggest problems suffered by the skin. What causes them and how can we eliminate them?

The best ways to natural skin care

Dr. Leo Gonzales Urriaga, a specialist in laser medicine at the Chávarri clinic, explained to “Useful and Interesting” that most spots usually appear due to poor skin care with sunscreen.

“Exposure to solar radiation, which is much greater in summer, and not having a preventive culture, using a good sunscreen, make these pigmentations appear. Other factors are hormonal and senile in the case of older people, “he explained.

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Do the spots appear as soon as I have contact with the Sun?

Now you see cases in people who are young, who as children have had exposure to the Sun without any protection. “The skin by a natural regeneration will change, but over time this mechanism can be damaged and that is where we will see the spots. Once this happens, there is no going back. ”

Are home treatments to eliminate stains effectively?

The specialist said that there are natural treatments that can have a good result, but we must be careful with the information circulating on the internet, which shows products that, instead of giving benefits to the patient, end up damaging it. Therefore, it is best to go to a specialist.

“We, at the clinic, also use cream products, prepared with a scientific basis that allows us to support the laser treatment to combat stains,” he said.

QuickBase, non-invasive treatment remove stains

It is an innovative outpatient treatment in which the shortest energy pulses are used that act deep within the skin, without touching the outer skin. “In this way, the skin is forming its own collagen and elastin and eliminates stains.”

“The skin will only suffer a slight redness for a period of two days, the recovery will be quick and scabs will not appear. In addition, patients do not feel pain during treatment. ”

How long will I see the results?

According to Gonzales Urriaga, in a month already you will be able to see satisfactory results, but a final change, with a face completely free of spots, could take up to four or six months after having made the sessions. Everything will depend on the case of each patient, Recommended: boiled egg diet.

After the laser treatment, will I not have spots again?

No. Patients who have undergone laser treatment and who have used the indicated products must have good prevention with the use of a good sunscreen. “Otherwise the skin will have the memory of pigmenting and this will happen again if they do not take care of the Sun.”

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