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How to Choose Best Quality Mattresses?

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Choose your ideal mattress because sleeping soundly is very important. To choose your mattress keeps in mind your favorite sleeping position; depending on this, you can choose between firmer or softer mattresses. Do not forget to choose the right material depending on whether you are more chilly or hot: spring mattresses, viscoelastic mattresses, foam or latex mattresses it all depends on your preferences! At My deal we want you to rest and have the best comfort in your back. That is why we are so sure of the quality of our mattresses that we give you 365 days to try it out.


An exclusive latex topper, state-of-the-art fillers and a system of individually-sheathed springs, contained in a modern exterior design, with beautiful fabrics, sophisticated construction and softness, make these mattresses a perfect experience.

We make cheap mattresses of all sizes and materials, with very cheap and economic prices to see, find online and be able to buy what best suits your needs, totally customized for you.

We send you from our factories the mattresses with the cheapest price guaranteed to any place and part of the world, just tell us where you want it and we will deliver the items we manufacture where you tell us.

Now if you want, you can see and buy your mattress online in a very fast and cheap way, because you choose it, we manufacture it, you receive it and you release it, It’s that easy, it’s that simple, it’s that comfortable!

Double mattresses

To have a good state of health, having a quality dream is key. In short: sleeping well is essential for a large number of biological processes to function normally. That is why the choice of the perfect mattress for each person is so relevant.

The widest range of mattresses in Dormity. Discover the ideal mattress for your rest in our collection. All created on a core of HR foam of high quality that allows to ensure its resistance to time and maintain its form use after use. A guarantee break! In addition, our viscoelastic layer offers a unique adaptability and softness, able to adapt to anybody.

Focused on logistics in Mattress

What all the companies consulted by this newspaper agree on is their understanding of this business: the key lies in logistics and distribution. They focus their advantages on eliminating intermediaries and ending any additional cost with the product and the client as the maximum. They compete by cheapening prices, concentrating efforts and giving a service that no traditional mattress gives.

“If you look at companies like Flex or Pikolin, they are giants of the industry and focus their power on this. We try to change the model and focus on the distribution. We have few mattresses, but with an unbeatable price-quality ratio and flexibility that allows us to be much more agile, “Says Dubos. According to their website, they can reduce the price of their mattress by up to 50% compared to a traditional company.

And not only that. The name of ‘bed in a box’ does not come from nothing, but responds to the way in which, copying Casper (was not the first to do so, but the best known) distributed their products. Thanks to the viscoelastic materials (say goodbye to the springs), they can crush, roll them up and keep them empty to send them in a box by ordinary mail without losing their properties.

Thus, they shorten times and avoid more transport costs. “We guarantee the delivery of practically all the measures of our mattress between 1 and 5 days”, they explain from Koala while boasting that they offer up to 6,000 different possibilities of personalization of their unique model mattress. “A traditional company would take weeks.”

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