Common Reasons For Road Accidents, How You Can Avoid Them?

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Unfortunately, car accidents are prevalent in the whole world. Usually, most of these accidents are caused by human mistakes. While sometimes, these mistakes are minor and can cause life-threatening accidents. Thousands of accidents occur around the whole world due to horrible car crashes.

If you drive carefully, it doesn’t mean you are safe, and all drivers do the same thing. If you are in a car crash, it may be not your fault, or it can be due to someone else’s fault or mistake. If this situation occurs, you can simply claim compensation against the liable party.

These mistakes can vary from person to person. However, some of these mistakes are:

Distracted Driving

Distractive driving is a threat to the driver and is the leading cause of car accidents. If you want to avoid the car accidents, you need to drive the vehicle attentively. Even talking, eating or texting while driving can distract you from safe driving.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is the second most dangerous as of an accident in the U.S. and UK. Drunk driving can cause deadly accidents. If you have drunk much, then you need to hire a taxi and go home instead of driving the vehicle.


Over speeding is also one of the main causes of the accident. As you know, when you cross speed limits, you put your life in danger. Speeding signs are shown on every road to avoid the drivers over speeding.
Speeding your vehicles has a high risk of not getting the proper braking.


If it’s raining outside, you need to avoid driving. However, you can’t every time to avoid driving in the rain. But you need to avoid the slippery, treacherous conditions while it’s raining. If you are stuck in the storm, or the visibility is too low, you can park your vehicle aside, and can wait to pass the storm.

Running red light

It is also a crime to beak the traffic light. Red light means stop signal, even the road is clear, and no other car is coming towards you. You can cause a serious accident by breaking the red light, which is also a crime in all countries.
It is unsafe to cross the red light, and we have already seen these type of cases, where accidents occur due to running a red light.

Night driving

For some people, night driving can cause a serious problem. Sometimes, people have a lower vision at night and can’t drive properly. On other hands, the driver uses high beam light which can cause accidents.

Design defects

Some models are designed improperly, no matter how much you avoid, their manufacturing defect can lead to an accident.


You need to keep the save driving distance with the car no matter how slow you are driving. Keep a safe driving distance from the car, so you have time to respond properly.
Wrong-way Driving

Everyone makes a mistake no matter how professional you are in driving. You can make the wrong judgment to choose your lane and side. If you want to make a turn, follow the signals properly, the use of indicators is compulsory.

Teenage drivers

Never drive vehicle unless you don’t have a driving license. Teen neither has driving license nor experience. If you have a teenager, make sure they don’t drive a vehicle. You need to pass awareness to teens that using the phone, eating food or singing songs while driving can lead to serious accidents.

Tire blowouts

A tire blowing while driving is a common accident. But it can lead to severe series of accidents. If you are at high speed and your tire is blown out, your car may uncontrollable and can collide.
The key thing here is to keep full control of your steering wheel. Keep your steering firmly if any accident happens.

Animal Crossing

If you are crossing animal areas or going through a forest, you need to keep your vehicle’s speed limited. The chances are high that you may get hit with deer crossing the road. You need to follow the extra cautions while travelling rural areas and keep your high beam on so you can watch animals from a distance.

Construction sites

Construction site driving can be confusing and can cause various problems. In this situation, the driver should follow the traffic precaution signs carefully. You need to keep your vehicle’s speed within the limit, so it will be easy to control your car. Construction sites can have hurdles and diversions, so keep your eyes on the road signs to avoid an accident.

We all know that accident happens in life whether you try to stop it. However, you can reduce the risk of an accident. Unfortunately, if you are involved in an accident which is not your fault, you can claim compensation. You can consult with personal injury solicitor to help you whether to take them to a court or sort out through settlement talks. Personal Injury solicitor knows how to calculate the compensation amount according to the damage. He can help you in various ways. Personal injury solicitor preston can gather the evidence and contact with an eyewitness to make your claim strong.


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