4 Reasons Why You Should Select Trekking in India?

Trekking in India

For enthusiastic adventure lovers, the first thing that comes to mind is the magnificent mountains. If you are thinking of observing the breathtaking scenic views, freshwater flowing rivers, wildlife sanctuaries, lush green jungles, and much more, then India is the best country. With abundant vegetation, spectacular views, and endless trails, India has some unexpected places to discover for people of all ages. Trekking in India gives you countless opportunities to stay close to nature and explore the charm of the country.

Over a decade, trekking has become a well-liked adventure activity. People from around the world come to India just to experience the adventurous yet challenging trekking trails and also to explore India. Below are some reasons that make up your mind on selecting India for trekking.

Reasons to Select Trekking in India

1. Explore the Beautiful Himalayas

Explore the Beautiful Himalayas

If you wish to walk down the flowery and green heaven and ascend the rugged mountains, then the Himalayas are just the perfect place for Trekking in India. Experience the bend of peaceful sight of nature and travel around the alluring trekking routes in the foothills of Indian Himalayas. The rivers make a huge impact on the splendor and the natural richness of this place which cannot be described in words.

The Indian Himalayas represent different features of delightful nature like the glaciers, valleys, diverse rich flora, and the snow-capped mountains. If you wish to explore further, then trekking in Ladakh is every hiker’s dream.

The Ladakh trekking experience is the best in the country as you will experience the beautiful elements of nature – from the blue water to the desert, freezing winds to the burning sun, and from the sand dunes to glaciers.

2. The Awe-inspiring Trails in Maharashtra

The Awe-inspiring Trails in Maharashtra
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Maharashtra with its various hills stations offers perfect options for trekking. The trekking trails attract many tourists from across the globe by making their way through the historical ruins and scenic vistas. If you want to add more charm to your experience, then you should go in the rainy season, to see the real beauty of nature – the cool winds, drenched green valleys, thrilling waterfalls, and hovering clouds will you make feel fully satisfied.

While trekking in the trails of Maharashtra, you will experience the real India by coming across various tourist attractions such as temples, caves, forests, and forts. Rajmachi is one of the most popular trekking destinations in India. The entire route is engulfed by dense forests on both sides.

If you have experience of trekking in Nepal and want to enhance your experience with some challenging yet fun adventurous trekking trails, then the Maharashtrian trekking trails are the ideal place for you.

3. Accessible Transportation

Accessible Transportation in India
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If you have the best trekking destination in your mind but worried about transportation, there is no need to get worried as there are various ways by which you can travel to your destination. The transportation system in India consists of land, water, and air transportation. The easily available state transport, as well as private buses, is perfect for traveling from one city to another as well from moving within the city.

Railway tracks connect every state in India as it is also one of the cheapest modes of transportation. Taxis are one of the popular modes of public transportation in India. It makes your traveling tireless plus you can have some private time with yourself and also it is a bit expensive, but if you have a large group, it can cut down some extra cost.

4. Experience the Real India

Experience the Real India
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As you will trek through the trails of India, you will come across various cultures, villages, forts, caves, rivers, temples, and much more. India is a country that feeds the soul and attracts the mind and heart. Every new day brings a unique and exciting experience as there is so much diversity in India. While trekking through the trails, you will get the opportunity to soak your spirit in different cultures and lifestyles.

While some regions of India are immersed in the rich heritage and Buddhist art and in others, you can get a true insight into the Hindu culture. Indian cuisine, festivals, and lifestyles are also quite definite and will certainly give you a glimpse of various cultural diversities which it is known for. India is a country, which is easy to love and hard to forget.

Come and explore incredible India while trekking through the trails of some beautiful cities.