Kids At Your Wedding? Here’s What To Serve Them

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Remember when people say kids are often way too honest about their opinions? Here’s a tip: Never take that saying for granted. If you’re hosting a party and you want to gauge if your menu has impressed your guests, check out the reactions of the kids who’ve attended your event. Tying the knot soon? Worried about if the items in your menu will please the kids of your relatives and friends? Planning what to offer to them can be quite tricky and challenging, as what any wedding catering in northern Virginia would say.

In this feature, we’re giving you tips on how and what to serve to kids on your wedding day.

Know how many children are attending. Finalize your guest list and make sure that included on that list are the children who will be gracing your wedding day. By knowing the numbers, you will have an idea of how much kiddie meals you need to prepare.

Consider their age range. It’s not enough to only know the total number of children attendees — you must consider their ages as well. Teens and older children can actually be served with what most of the adults are having. If their ages are on the younger side, then you need to prepare extra meals that will cater to their taste buds.

Plan their seating arrangement. While some choose to have a separate table for kids, many are still comfortable with pairing the children with their parents. Either way, it’s a must to plan their seating arrangement and let them the parents be informed beforehand.

Talk to the parents beforehand. Speaking of coordinating with parents, wedding catering in northern Virginia also advises soon-to-wed couples to ask if their children guests have any food allergies or any special food considerations. This will help in efficiently and effectively preparing your whole wedding menu.

Food ideas you can try!

Wedding day is a beautiful occasion that needs to be filled with endearing memories. And kids sprinkle a dash of fun to celebrations like this. To make sure they enjoy this event, you need to provide a delectable set of gastronomic delights for them.

When discussing this matter with your wedding catering in Northern Virginia, here are some items we strongly recommend you include on your final menu:

Fruits and veggie sticks. Want to introduce a healthy lifestyle to kids attending your wedding? Prepare bite-size fruits and veggies and serve them in sticks.

Spaghetti and meatballs. This classic meal wouldn’t disappoint any guest — whether they’re a youngster or an adult!

Mini mac and cheese pies. Offer a new twist to the mac-and-cheese classic by serving as mini pies.

Milk and cookies. You can never go wrong with a glass of milk and a plate of creatively decorated cookies.

Panini and s’ more pops. Kids will always be attracted to sweets. To offer variety, prepare s’ more and grilled cheese panini pops for the kids.

Ice cream bar. Are your children’s meal game by putting up an ice cream bar near their area. Make sure to decorate it according to the theme of your wedding.

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