11 Useful Travel Tips for Himachal Pradesh

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With the deep gorges, gigantic snow peaks, magnificent mountain lakes, beautiful temples, attractive monasteries, verdant valleys and flower adorned meadows, Himachal Pradesh has become a haven for travelers. Having millions of nature lovers and adventurers visiting the place every year, keeping some travel rules in mind can be helpful in the area.

If you are up with a plan to explore your adventurous side in Himachal with your friends or family, remember a few significant travel tips for Himachal Pradesh for a safe and hassle-free journey.

Here are best travel tips for Himachal Pradesh

  1. Take all the tour Documents

For a safe and comfortable travel plan of Himachal Pradesh, you need to have all the tour documents handy throughout the trip. Your tour confirmation voucher issued by the tour operators is required almost everywhere, from hotel check-ins to boarding a cab. Also carry the printed copy of the complete itinerary list as the tour will start as mentioned in the list. Make sure to go through the included costs – the things not mentioned are considered excluded.

  1. Check weather conditions

It is very important to check the weather conditions of Himachal before you leave for the journey as knowing the climatic conditions will help you pack right kind of woolens. If your itinerary includes Chamba, Kullu, Manali, Lahaun and Spiti, pack sufficient amount of woolens as these places experience mildly cold weather in summers (15°C to 5°C) and in winters the temperatures falls to a range of 10°C to -5°C.

Weather conditions in hilly areas can change anytime, so always carry a windcheater along with the regular clothes. If you are planning to visit the areas of heavy snowfall, do not forget your gumboots.

  1. Carry identity proofs   

Always have government-issued identity proofs handy as you will need it almost everywhere – in the train, security check-in at the airport, hotel check-in, etc. Have a photocopy and digital copy of all the identity cards along with the originals.

  1. Check hotel reviews

Before making hotel bookings, check the reviews online. Browse the best travel review websites to get genuine feedback from travelers about the amenities and service of a hotel or resort. Check for any add-ons like extra beds, heater, blankets, etc. with your travel agent.

  1. Have all the emergency numbers written on a paper

Being ready for the worst case possible, have all the emergency numbers written on a piece of paper. What if your phone gets lost? Details of your accommodation, number of your travel partners (family or friends), travel agent number, travel company number, etc. is important. Some of the quick contacts to be on your list include:

  • Police: 100
  • District Control Room: 1077
  • Ambulance: 102
  • Integrated Police/ Medical Services /Fire Station: 108
  1. Take health precautions

The last thing you would want on a trip is falling sick. While on a trip to Himachal Pradesh, avoid having street food from local vendors and small restaurants. Even if you do, make sure the place is clean and hygienic. Carry a first-aid kit with all the important tablets and medications such as Electrol/ORS, Crocin, Eno, Aspirin/Disprin, Thermometer, Band-Aids, Sanitizer, Adhesives, Antiemetic, etc.

  1. Maintain good behavior

If you have ever read a travel blog on Himachal Pradesh, you must have come across the kind of behavior a traveler should possess in the beautiful state. Be warm, polite and friendly in the new destination. Himachal people are really friendly, so try not being rude and arrogant with them.

  1. Confirm all the required permissions

Some monuments and buildings in the state of Himachal Pradesh like Chail Palace, Indian Institute of Advanced Study in Shimla and some more require special permits for filming or photography. You can get help from the District Administration and Tourism Office. Tourists visiting for adventure activities are also suggested to inform the local authorities like Police, SDM and Tourist office about their travel plans.

  1. Plan your adventure trips wisely

Have a clear idea about the trek you are going to take in Himachal. Pack rubber soled shoes, woolens, torch, gloves, stick and food such as dry fruits, energy bars and packaged food. Do not forget mosquito repellent, water, toilet paper and lighter. If you are traveling to high-altitude areas, carrying thermos is advised.

  1. Take proper safety precautions

Here is a list of things to carry when traveling to Himachal Pradesh:

  • Moisturizing lotion & Sunscreen lotion
  • Good rubber-soled shoes
  • Id Proofs
  • Personal Medication
  • Camera along with memory cards
  • Heavy Woolen Clothing & socks
  • Dark polarized sunglasses with retainers
  1. Carry sufficient cash

In remote areas of the state, you might find an ATM, so it is essential to carry sufficient cash in hand. SO, we would suggest you to get your currency exchanged before traveling to these areas and withdraw enough cash for the trip.

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