Most important digital marketing trends of 2019

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Be it any time of the week, month or even the year, digital marketing always focuses upon grabbing the attention of the customers. They aim not only at improvising their brand website but also the increase in their customer reach. The only thing they need to be concerned about is where the customer’s interests are piqued up currently.

Advantage of AI

Artificial intelligence is highly spoken about, yet, many seem to misunderstand it. AI is similar to a bunch of computers that can analyze things rapidly. They understand patterns and data by going through the data.

Artificial intelligence can also be used for tasks like scouring your databases and providing insights to your team.  You can also leverage Artificial intelligence for the purpose of finding prospects like your existing customers or even for the purpose of scanning social media conversations which will in turn help to provide you with real-time Intel with your competitors.

Many agencies use Artificial intelligence on a daily basis. They use them in order to work for preschools, daycares and child care centers, for the sake of helping them in growing their enrollment and to drive towards the right type of prospects.


Chatbots are highly efficient and a widely used tool when it comes to tying up various repetitive customer related questions regarding the delivery of the package, the time of their appointment and where your company is located. They can also be used to warn prospects, schedule sales appointments and also to make room for purchases.

They are very easy to set up as well as it includes all the very basic and general questions that would be asked by a customer. Not only that, but it also includes emoji to make the comments sound natural. It is also used to close auto loans without even needing the attention of a human.

In deciding whether or not to invest in a bot, figure out if you’d want to use the bot for customer service or in more of a sales capacity. From there, you can steer yourself toward the technology that makes the most sense for your goals. But, the main thing to be noted here is that the chatbots are not meant to replace complex human conversations. They indeed can help to an extent. But, these are still in the stages of evolving and developing and hence need even more time to accomplish such great tasks.

Speakers and Audio

The devices which use voice commands are ruling today’s world. Take, for example, Amazon’s Alexa. Right from the date of its launch, it has been nothing but an amazingly successful launch. It has really got a wide set of topics to choose from and to provide information from. Right from, recipes to exercise audios and instructions they make the man work a lot much easier.

The On-Demand Mobile Apps are also trying to cover a mass amount of customers through these audio facilities.  To capitalize on this trend though, you must optimize your website for voice search. To do this, you must understand what your prospects are searching for. Keep in mind that audio queries are conversational and longer.

Instead of going in for shorter terms such as, “Where is Restaurant?”, they would be asking, “Where do they serve Italian foods?”. It all finally comes down to the specific thing that you ask.

The second step is to incorporate those questions and phrases throughout your website. Build an FAQ section and answer all of those questions you discovered. Blog posts also help a lot in such trends. Write blog posts on the various topics and questions, but the best way is to naturally incorporate the particular phrases. If you were optimizing for “restaurants serving dinner now,” you could write content that says, “We serve dinner from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday.” This would get picked up and allow you to rank higher with voice search.

Marketing Influence

The focus on local influencers is a new topic.  Unless you run a massive global brand or an e-commerce business, chances are your marketing is mostly local.

It would really be cool, of course, if an influencer or celebrity to endorse your product or service to their millions of social fans, it can be short-lived. Try partnering with local influencers and put together long-term campaigns and promotions. Promotions are highly effective when it comes to such staying in the trend topics.

Live Video

Live videos are highly effective and efficient in grabbing the market seeing as the videos are still at the top of the market. Live videos are way much better than a recorded video in many ways. When you really think from the customer’s point of view, live videos which contain behind the scene activities, FAQ’s and whatnot would be preferred more.

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