Knowing in detail about the 9Apps

Knowing in detail about the 9Apps
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Briefing on the app

9Apps is the brainchild of Alibaba Corporation and is one of the largest third-party app stores of the world. It deals primarily with the mobile and computer application software and maintains a record of about 35 million daily app downloads. It provides the users with an array of apps and games that are useful to them and has found its presence in a number of leading markets like India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Southeast Asia,and other middle east nations. This article further discusses the same and mentions about the steps for 9apps install download.

Features of the app

The following are the basic features of the app for which it has been perceived on such a large scale by the general users: –

  • A large collection of apps of different genres such that the tastes of a large group of the audience can be gauged easily
  • Supports up to 7 different languages such that the international community of downloaders does not face any issues
  • Supports the different platforms of Android, mobile web and PC for the added convenience of the users
  • Maintaining 100 percent safety in terms of downloads and the overall data security of the users
  • Maintaining a simple UI that is easy to use and understand
  • Offering timely updates for the apps for their smooth functionality
  • Having the repute as high as that of other app stores like Google Play Store

The pre-requisites for download

The following are some of the pre-requisites for 9apps install download: –

  • Having an android version of minimum 4.0 and above
  • Free space of minimum 500 MB for smooth download
  • Offering all of the permissions in the settings for free and uninterrupted download, including the ones for regular pop-ups
  • A good source of internet connectivity, be it mobile data or Wi-Fi

How to download?

Since the app store of 9apps is supported on different platforms, hence there are different procedures for installing the same in each. The following elucidate the same on 9apps install download: –

  • On Android phones
  1. Hitting on Download the APK version of the app store from the authentic website of 9apps
  2. Approving the pop-up for the apk download prior to the above step for allowing the system to initiate the download since it is a third party software
  3. In case of pop-ups, like not allowed for security reasons, the user needs to click on settings and then activate the option for ‘Allow from this source’ and revisit back to the initial page.
  4. Proceeding with the installation and clicking on Install option
  5. Opening the app store after successful installation and completing the basic steps to use it.
  • On Windows PC

It can be done either by the use of Blue stacks Emulator or Knox. For this the PC user needs to install either Blue stacks or Knox on his or her system first and then complete the following steps: –

  1. Linking of either of the emulators with the Google account to authenticate the same
  2. Downloading the 9apps apk from the home pages of either of the emulators
  3. Installing the app store from the apk and completing certain basic steps to authenticate the same on PC

Hence, in a nutshell, it can be concluded about the popularity of 9apps and how its download can open up a box of opportunities of free app downloading for the users.

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