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5 Major Benefits of Adding Glass Shower Screen to Your Bathroom?

Glass Shower Screen

If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom, do consider adding a glass shower screen. Glass shower screens help add a luxurious and modern look and feel to any bathroom and make it look welcoming and elegant.

Here are the 5 major benefits of adding glass shower screen to your bathroom.

1. Glass shower screens lend a creative element to any bathroom

Available in an array of style, design, and colours, shower screens made of glass can add a dramatic touch to any bathroom. You can add frosted or embossed or clear or etched glass to enhance the visual appearance of your bathroom.

The best part is that glass shower screens offer an affordable solution to upgrade one’s bathroom. You can simply install a shower screen and can experience a significant improvement in your bathroom’s décor without going for elaborate renovation and remodeling.

2. Glass shower screens are easy to customize

Glass screens come in several styles. There are single glass doors, sliding bypass glass shower doors, neo-angled showers, framed shower screens, frameless screens, and much more. There is something to fit every home.

If you need a contemporary design and want to enjoy an unobstructed view of the shower area, you can go for a frameless shower screen. Likewise, you can choose the glass colour to match it with the colour of your bathroom tiles and other fixtures to create a seamless look in your bathroom.

3. Glass shower screens say good-bye to mold and mildew

This is an important benefit of adding glass shower screen to your bathroom. Unlike wood that allows mold and mildew and other bacteria to thrive, glass screens say good-bye to mold and mildew. They provide a practical solution for use in bathrooms and other wet areas. You can safeguard your expensive bathroom furnishings by adding glass screens.

If you or someone in your home has asthma or any other allergy, you can avoid allergies by installing a glass shower screen as mold and mildew contain harmful allergens and bacteria that trigger infections.

4. Glass is easy to maintain

If you have a busy lifestyle and do not want to waste your weekends rubbing and scrubbing the shower screens to remove soap scum and dirt and dust, go for frameless shower screens. Frameless screens are easier to clean. You can wipe off the glass occasionally with a wet cloth or wipe to keep it shining and new-like for years to come.

5. Glass adds an illusion of space

Glass screens provide an illusion of roominess. If you have a small sized bathroom you can make it appear spacious and larger than what it is by adding a glass shower screen to it. This very property of glass makes it a favourable option for renovating bathrooms in apartments and condos.

Want to enjoy these benefits? Buy glass shower screen and give your bathroom a clean, fresh, neat, stylish and spacious look.

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