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How To Have The Right Bedroom Decor / Arrangement To Have Quality Sleep

How To Have The Right Bedroom Decor

We complain and bicker about insomnia and how we badly want to sleep. However, we do not realize that the décor of a room (our bedroom) will have a direct impact on the quality of sleep. Loud or too bright colors, a lot of decorative items and even the location of the bedroom in your apartment or house can be factors that are preventing you from sleeping easily.

You can fix this with the following tips:

The right mattress

It will be difficult to find this one. Every shop owner will tell you how the collection there is better than others, how you will find the perfect one there. But the truth is, you need to try a mattress for a week or so and then feel if it is right for you or not. So you need to find out a mattress store that will allow you to try a mattress for two weeks.

Make sure it has a guarantee and you (along with your spouse, if you are married) feel comfortable lying on it. The ideal mattress is one that will allow you to fall asleep and keep you comfortable. And you wake up to a morning without aches or any sort of pain.

Try spraying something soothing

Fragrance keeps our mind calm and helps us to fall asleep fast. You can spray lavender spray on the bed before sleeping on it. You can try other scents or scented candles as well. Just avoid something too strong.

The right color for your bedding

Never buy bright colors or very colorful bedding. An ideal bedding option will be something silky, of the natural tree-fiber sheet. Mild and soothing colors like light pink, blue, off-white, etc. will be good. Add some pillows – four pillows for your head, two rolls for the neck, two long pillows, in case you would like to hold onto it and sleep. Make sure these are hypoallergenic.

Keep the room chilled

According to medical practitioners, the bedroom’s temperature should be always lowered before going to sleep. Low temperatures will help the body realize it is time to rest. And in case if you feel too cold, you can always wrap yourself around with blankets and sheets.

Get a massage for relaxation

Massage will disrupt the connection of neurohormones (that cause sleeplessness) and will make you sleepy. You can also learn to massage yourself. Foot and back massage would be ideal before sleep. You can also buy a massaging sofa or get foot detox done every night before sleeping.

Dim the lights

The bedroom should have less lighting. You can always keep a study lamp in case you work on your laptop. Otherwise, bright light can cause your eyelids to flutter open and you may wake up from sleep.