Not To Miss Features When Developing An Application Dedicated To Running Your Taxi Business Online

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With the internet being the focus of upcoming generations, it has become necessary to own an online presence to keep in touch with the potential clients and increase the business. Therefore, many businesses have adapted to the modern approaches and now serving their customers online too. With the help of the internet, they have figured out a way to reach maximum clients out there and offer their best services to them. Taxi-hailing business is among the earlier businesses who have started right off and are now running with full speed with the technology.

The traditional methods of hailing a taxi have changed and now have adapted to the modern approaches of getting a rider or getting a ride. Proving more efficient than ever, the modern approach has connected the drivers with the riders directly on the single platform called the online taxi booking. With the changing trends of the industry, mobile applications have taken over most of the tasks and now the taxi-hailing has become easier with dedicated applications to support the rider in need.

It is equally important to keep walking with the new trends of the industry and hence it becomes necessary to get an application developed which serves your customers with the services they want from you and taxi-hailing businesses are no different. Getting an application to use for booking their taxi in advance, the customers are facilitated with booking a cab on their fingertips and are in favor of these online services. With the cut-throat competition out there, it is essential for all scales of businesses to offer more than others in order to keep themselves running in the competition and the application is just what your customers are expecting.

However, it is not easy to list out the requirements of customers. As the opinions of customers keep on changing, you require help from professionals who are good at understanding and analyzing the business requirements and accordingly can design the features of the application to make it more useful for the customers and drivers. Using the already developed white-labeled uber clone app is advisable as it has been developed with extreme concern and contains every necessary feature to make a taxi business successful. Some of these fundamental features to include in your taxi application are mentioned here.

Social Login

Why make the login and registration process complex? Simply, let the users access the application by logging on by their social media accounts. This poses a chance for you as you get linked to their social media accounts and hence can know your customers better with storing the data of their rides and the choices they make accordingly over time. Also, it eases up the process of logging in and comforts your users to log in on the go without any hassles of entering their username passwords that too for just booking a taxi.

Dedicated Driver Application

How will you let the drivers know they got a ride request? Designing and developing an excellent driver application is very important. The driver application must contain all the necessary features for letting the drivers receive a ride request and including navigation is a must. They must be able to get the information on how to reach the rider’s location and that too in optimum way possible. Including earning details feature in this application helps the driver in knowing how much they have earned with completing a certain number of rides and also it helps them set their next goal of completing the rides accordingly.

Live Tracking

Integrating the feature of live tracking in a rider’s application is necessary to let the users track their ride in real time. This feature counts as a security feature too as the rider is constantly updated with the current location of the ride throughout the time and can share the location details with others within a few taps on the application.

Push Notifications

Updating your riders with the new offers and newer schemes is necessary. An application including the push notifications module is necessary to keep the riders informed about offers and lure them to use the application again. With push notifications, you can remain connected with your riders and drivers and introduce them with the new offers and discounts you have started for making their journey more comfortable with you. Also, using push notifications you can keep them informed about their ride status.

Heat Maps

This advanced feature is a must if you want your drivers to earn more than others. Heat map lets the driver know the location from where maximum bookings are received and where more number of potential riders are available and hence the drivers can remain around those locations to receive bookings successfully and drive more rides than ever with increasing the profits of your business and earning more from completing more rides.

Admin Panel to Control Everything

Being the owner of the business, you must be required to gain control over the system to efficiently address each issue of the system and manage every aspect efficiently. A feature enriched admin panel to give you control over each operation being performed in the system irrespective of the type of user. The admin must remain in control of each activity being performed to ensure the system works correctly and efficiently.

Admin must be able to access the booking information, details of drivers and riders and also the admin must be able to get the detailed information on each ride whether successfully completed or not. The admin must have access to the earning analytics to gather the information on how much they are earning from accepting the ride requests online.

Making sure your online taxi booking system includes the following features and modules is necessary to run your business in the right way. With the help of these features and an excellent system, you can make much more profits than ever with leading the system successfully and you can create your own name in the market.

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