Reasons Why Your Hair is the Most Important Part of your Look!

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The hair is likely to be the first thing that people unknowingly notice when looking at someone. That is why people spend countless hours searching for the right products and style for their hair.

Apart from the first impression, there are many other reasons as to why your hair is the most important part of your look. Salons in Dubai offer different services to help you get the perfect hair!

1.      Hair Means Beauty

No offence to the bald guys out there! But having nice hair does add to one’s beauty. No matter how beautiful you are, having nice kept hair will add to your beauty and might give you the extra edge that you crave.

2.      Bad Hair Equals Unprofessional Attitude

A bad hairstyle or unkempt hair will give off a wrong impression. No matter how educated you are or how much skills you have, if you look like you just got out of the bed, it is bound to reflect poorly on any future opportunities or even your current job.

3.      Get the Job Done

A recent study shows that having beautiful hair results in a ‘Good Hair Day’. Research shows that people who are experiencing a ‘Good Hair Day’ feel more confident about themselves and are known to perform tasks more efficiently. It will not only get you in your boss’s good books, but help stop from putting in unnecessary overtime.

4.      Helps You Get Employment

For the many unemployed people out there, interviewers have revealed that they regard hairstyle as important as one’s clothes during interviews. This is another reason why you should give your hair the time and attention that they deserve.

5.      Complements You

Not only do your hair add to your beauty or give you a professional look, but hair also complements your looks. The right hairstyle when matched with your skin complexion or physical features can do wonders for you.

A woman can go from being average to the next Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner while men can go become the next Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Salons in Dubai can help you select the best hairstyle and instil in you the ‘WOW’ factor.

6.      Brings Out Your Best

It does not matter if you own a Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Gucci or Versace. As long as your hair is not good enough, expensive clothes can do little for your personality. On the other hand, nicely kept hair will make you stand out even while wearing a simple, inexpensive dress.

7.      Reflects Your Priorities

People with good hair indicate that they have their priorities straightened out. If you can take out time from your busy routine and invest it on your hair, it means that you are living your life the right way!

8.      Highlights Your Health

Your hair also reflects your health. While it may seem like an over exaggeration of facts, but it is true! Iron deficiency can be easily identified through the health of your hair. An individual with iron deficiency is likely to have thin, dry hair. Hair loss is another phenomenon which shows that there some unwanted changes in your body.

9.      People Remember You

People usually forget each other’s names after meeting for the very first time. While individuals may remember each other by their dressing or voice, one thing that individuals find difficult to forget is the hair! A right hairstyle is one way of being remembered by others.

10. Releases Stress

Many people pull their hair or scratch their heads while under extreme stress. Research shows that people who are known to have beautiful hair or feel confident about their hair are more likely to experience lower levels of stress.

It is abundantly clear that stress can lead to complicated problems. Therefore, maintaining your hair can go a long way in improving your looks and overall health.

Still Not Convinced?

Your hair is not just important for these reasons, but there are countless others. In ancient times, hair was considered an essential part of the nobility. The royals and noble families either wore wigs or were very conscious about their hair as it reflected their higher status.

While the age of royals and nobility is long over, Beauty Salons in Dubai still regard hair as the most important part of your look and RIGHTLY SO! Now go and start paying attention to your hair if you want to stand out from the rest of the people.

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