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Soon You Can Save Data In Exchange For Viewing Advertising

Soon You Can Save Data In Exchange For Viewing Advertising
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The “sponsored data” arrives in the USA, which allows users to browse for free specific content without spending data since it will be borne by the brand that sponsors it.

With the growing use of smartphones, “not getting to the end of the month” can take on more meaning than the lack of liquidity to meet expenses. And it is that every time it becomes a more common concern to save mobile data and not run out of megaphones in the middle of the month.

With applications such as Spotify, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp check also Tinder Gold Apk and hours and hours surfing the Internet, it is not surprising that users base their mobile rates on their mobile rates earlier than expected. Therefore, there are several ways to save data consumption.

Companies such as AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile, have joined a trend that already enjoys certain popularity in the United States, the “sponsored data”. This system allows the user to interact with a brand by browsing its web page, using its app, making purchases online, or enjoying any other content, saving data, without consuming any megabytes at all.

This is possible because the brand in question will sponsor the contents, therefore they will pay the consumed data to the telephone company, instead of the client.

Orange will debut the service in Europe and has chosen the USA to be a pioneer in its new business. The telephone company has signed an agreement with the online sales platform Privalia and Datami, a leading service provider, which provides 6 million users in 12 countries.

The user will be alerted of the sponsorship when accessing the content and will be informed that the navigation on the page will not mean consumption of data.

In this way, companies aim to make the user feel comfortable navigating. By not feeling that the data counter is going down, the visitor will take more time when viewing content or making purchases online. In addition, watching videos and trailers will not be conceived as waste, and will also generalize the use of apps. It is thus a way to increase the possibility of establishing a link with the client.

Orange explains that in this way all the parties come out winning. Consumers save data, the brand increases the browsing time, the developer of the platform enters the service and the network operator adds value to its customers.

The first demonstration will be held at the Mobile World Congress. Before its commercial exploitation, the French company has decided to put it to the test first with real clients.

Some companies are also working towards a “data rewards” system, whereby a brand rewards its customers with data bonuses for doing something more delivered than supporting ads, such as making purchases or downloading apps Tinder Gold.

If the Orange pilot test goes well, it is expected that the service will be released to the market soon. The company has ensured that it intends to address these innovative business lines in the coming years. At the moment it seems that they have been able to adequately detect the needs of users nowadays so that you no longer suffer because your data does not reach the end of the month.

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