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Top 10 Bathroom Accessories to Buy for a Modern Bathroom

Top 10-Bathroom-Accessories-to-Buy-for-a-Modern-Bathroom
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The bathroom is no doubt one of the most useful rooms of any house but the fact is that this place is also severely underrated. A bathroom consists of a toilet and a bathtub but trusts me it also needs many other accessories which are necessary to complete the look. You may think about the kind of stuff you will need to compliment your toilet and bathtub, right?

But have you made a list of those things?

Clearly, they are not just toilet cleaning brushes, bathroom fresheners, hand washes or towel racks, either. This list of top 10 bathroom accessories to buy for a modern bathroom is a list of few bathroom staples and clever items which are capable in making your bathroom space much more comfortable, convenient and functional at the same time. All of these items can be easily ordered online and shipped to anywhere in the world by using a fashion products service.

Let’s check out this list of the 10 bathroom accessories for a modern bathroom.

1.Towel Warmer



What would be better than a warm towel after 10 minutes of shower bath? If you love the warmth of a soothing warm soak then you must spend money on buying a quality towel warmer.

I have included here a towel rail warmer and the best part of these kinds of towel warmers is that they occupy little space and can be hanged on the bathroom walls.

The Bergen chrome heated rail towel warmer is perfect for a busy family bathroom. The extraordinary chrome finish of this towel warmer will add more elegance to your bathroom.

2.NEBIA Shower



If you are using the same old shower then it’s time to upgrade.

Bring this NEBIA shower to get a whole new showering experience and save water at the same time. Yes, this shower can save up to 70% more water than your classic oa ld shower.

This advance shower works on H2Micro technology and atomizes the water into millions of tiny droplets and creates approximately 10X more surface area compared to a standard shower. The NEBIA shower is easy to install shower and also comes with height adjustable bracket.

3.Air Fresheners



A bathroom is a place where stinky smell and odor produced naturally and thus you have to take great care of it. You must make effort to keep this place odor free and refreshed.

A good air freshener absorbs all kind of unpleasant odor and keeps your bathroom fragrant and clean.
You want to feel refreshed after a tiring day and bathing can reduce stress and make you feel calmer and refreshed. If the environment of your bathroom is not so pleasant then you must buy a good air freshener to keep your bathroom filled fragrances.

4.Hair Catcher

Normal hair fall is a common thing and you can’t do much about it but the fallen hairs on the bathroom floor make your bathroom untidy and also clogged the drain holes.

This problem can be prevented by using a hair catcher. Fallen hairs are annoying these smart tools can help us in getting rid of fallen hairs. Buy a hair catcher for your bathroom and say yes to clean, tidy bathroom floors and clogged free drain holes.

5.Bath Rugs



Bathroom floors are slippery and nobody will want to break his/her jawlines while going inside or outside the bathroom. Trust me bathroom rugs are life savior and can prevent major accidents caused by slipping.

Bath rugs are the essentials of a bathroom and if you don’t have one for your bathroom then you must invest money in buying good bath rugs this year.

Bath rugs are made of the anti-skid and superabsorbent material to get dried up easily.

6.Smart Airfloss



Many of us find flossing annoying and sometimes the string also causes bleeding gums. It’s time to change the way of flossing and with this smart airfloss it will be easy and damage free.

I have listed few features of this compact rechargeable flosser:

 Removes 5 times more plaque from teeth compared to toothbrushes
 Improves gum health
 Save time and your flossing can be done in less than one minute
 Very gentle and safe on gums and teeth
 Mix mouthwash in the flossing water for a fresher breath

7.Shower Speakers



If you love music a lot then taking a musical shower will be a great idea. Add quality water resistant speakers to the list of your bathroom accessories to enjoy your favorite tracks while showering or spend more time in your bathtub during weekends to relax more.

There are plenty of waterproof speakers, music systems and Bluetooth speakers available online. If you don’t have enough space for speakers then you can go with small-sized portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

8.Smart Towel Hooks

Don’t waste money on buying boring towel hooks. The online shops are flooded with smart towel hooks that can complement other bathroom stuff and will save space at the same time.

I have listed the Umbra smart towel hook here and it is really amazing. It looks like a modern sculpture when not in use.

9.Blow Dryer Mount

Men have short hairs and don’t need to use blow dryers a lot but if you are a woman having long hairs you will need something to style your hair.

Holding blow dryer in one hand for a long time can cause shoulder cramps and that will be really painful. Buy a hands-free blow dryer mount to style your hair with both hands. This blow dryer mount comes with the neck which can rotate your blow dryer 3600 easily.

10.Elegant Waste Basket



Keep your bathroom mess free with an elegant wastebasket. Your bathroom also produces a lot of waste materials including wrappers, used bottles of cosmetics and dispensers, hair strands and it will not be a great idea to litter your bathroom’s corners with these kinds of stuff.

A normal wastebasket will not go with your bathroom’s interior and can spoil the whole look. The bathroom bin listed here will go with every bathroom interior.

Wrapping it up

Your bathroom tells a lot about your personality. Make a great effort to keep it clean and hygienic. No matter if you have a small or big bathroom, it can be made modern and up-to-date by adding few accessories and clearly you don’t have to break your bank in doing this.

Do a little search online and you will get some best ideas to upgrade your bathroom. This list will also help you in converting your boring bathroom into a modern bathroom.

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