Top Foods To Eat In Australia When You Visit Australia For Vacation

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When you visit Australia, you may have no intention what to eat in Australia, and you wouldn’t be single. Australia does not have its cuisine. You don’t “Chuck shrimp on the barbie” although you do like a good barbeque with a few snags (sausages) and tinnies (beer). Lamb is also prevalent with nevermore an Australia Day passing without some advert promoting how un-Australian you are not to eat lamb.

1.  Meat Pies & Sausage Rolls

Meat Pies & Sausage Rolls

Speaking about meals, there’s not abundant in Australia who doesn’t grab a meat pie for lunch. You can imagine the devastation when traveling through the US and the only pie everyone could encounter was a sweet, fruit kind followed ala mode. No gas service stocked them. But in Australia, all fuel stations and bakery will illustrate meat pies and sausage rolls. Always top with sauce, which in Australia will regularly cost you at least up to 50 cents.

Where can you find it? Everywhere. Any gas station, bakery, food trucks or supermarkets.

2.  Vegemite


Anybody not raised on Vegemite professes a hatred for this catalyst extract that forms a salty preserve for toast. But having been born and bred in Australia, several people love it and so do my kids! It’s not Nutella so sprayed it thinly and always on top of a lot of butter.

Where can you find it? Supermarkets sell Vegemite, but most cafes in Australia will contribute vegemite on toast, as well as a small packet on offer at buffets.

3.  Chicken Sushi

Chicken Sushi

It seems that chicken sushi isn’t Australian, but other than Canada out of 75 countries no one can never be able to find chicken sushi. It’s not rare! Although few heard some Asian countries have commenced that now. You can also notice a crispy chicken commonly referred to as katsu chicken.

Where can you obtain it? Sushi restaurants are not hard to get. Most malls will have at least 2. In Melbourne, you buy them in rolls for under $3. In Western Australia, they are frequently cut and served in plastic for nearly $8. Opt Dubai to Australia for the best cost.

4.  Freakshake


Born in Canberra, you will notice every city giving up this incredible dessert meal called freakshake. No, this is not a milkshake. This is a meal. For the inexperienced, the milkshake forms merely a base. It is covered with every conceivable topping you could desire. Cake, candy, waffles, Nutella, donuts, even cheeseburgers, and chicken. It is the newest Instagrammable meal.

Where can you find it? Everyone’s favorites are located in Melbourne. Stay out Sugar Buns in Hampton Park; Ten One Ate in Essendon or  Three One 2 One in Richmond. Opt Australia tour package from Dubai for your convenience.

5.  Avo Smash

Avo Smash

Everyone loves brunch and here in Melbourne the highest number of cafes and restaurants per number of personalities than any other city in the world. So, everyone will brunch on the weekend and that regularly consists of the spiritual avocado smash– crushed avocado and feta on a sour bread toast, frequently topped with a poached egg or else two. Drool.

Where can you obtain it? Cafes all over Australia serve this, involving chains like The Coffee Club. The best who ever had served with pomegranates at The Glass Den in Coburg, Victoria.

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