7 Interesting Facts About Goa You didn’t Know

7 Interesting Facts About Goa You didn’t Know

Goa is traveller’s paradise. It offers a myriad of sightseeing attractions; many are still unexplored by the regular crowd this state manages to pull in each year. Also referred to as the fun capital of India, the state has an interesting history. It has been a witness to a large number of settlements from across the world over centuries. No wonder the culture of Goa is fun, amazing and truly international.

Here are some interesting facts about Goa you didn’t know:

1. Bars of Goa

Bars of Goa

This is definitely one of the most interesting facts. Goa is a small state but houses an astounding number of bars. The state is home to around seven thousand bars. Almost all of these bars are licensed and permitted to serve alcohol.

2. St. Francis Xavier’s Body

St. Francis Xavier’s Body
via: The Goa Experience

During the 1500s, Goa was run under the Portuguese rule. St. Francis Xavier started spreading the gospel in 1542. His efforts proved instrumental in making people turn to his faith. In the year 1552, he planned to introduce Christianity in China. As an integral part of an embassy that left to China, he was supposed to be offered full support.

However, the embassy members didn’t last the trip. On the other hand, the saint continued on his journey and landed at Macau. He died in Macau. Later on, his body was brought to Goa in 1553. It was enshrined in a glass casing; his non-decomposed body is still in the world-famous Basilica of Bom Jesus church.

3. Highest Per-Capita Income

Highest Per-Capita Income
via: Travel Trade Journal

Did you know Goa has the highest per capita income? Goans enjoy a great living and work life. They have a good amount of money to spare. Yes, they are super lucky! As per a national census, it is revealed that a Goan makes approximately INR 192, 652 annually. This is more than enough to lead a comfortable life here. Additionally, they have several opportunities for recreation such as casinos, beaches, entertainment, forests, party boats, and a lot of money in the hand!

4. The Forest Density Cover of Goa is Over 30%

The Forest Density Cover of Goa is Over 30%
via: Deltin

This one is news! Most people think that Goa is only about beaches. However, this is not true. Interestingly, forests cover in excess of 30% in this region. You can book Goa luxury villas and make the most out of vacation.

5. Take a Two-Wheeler Taxi – Only in Goa!

Take a Two-Wheeler Taxi – Only in Goa!
via: Goan Travels, Goa Travel

Goa is the only place in India where you get a lift from biker. Interestingly, you can pay him and stop worrying about riding with a stranger! The state is home to thousands of motorcycle taxis and riders. These will take you pillion to wherever you want for a charge. 

This is a highly cost-effective form of transport in Goa. It is also fuel-effective. Also referred to as Pilots, taxis is one of the best means of transport for ladies. The best part is that tourists can utilize these taxis for exploring the beauty of the state without paying exorbitantly for fuel and driver costs.

6. The First English Medium School in Goa

The First English Medium School in Goa
via: Salaam Kargil

Yes, the first English medium school was in this state. The diversity of this state has only encouraged people to live in harmony and celebration.

7. Goa Reminisces Its Amazing History

Goa Reminisces Its Amazing History

The region was originally ruled by the Kadambas. They ruled Goa for over 3 centuries (from the 11th century). This period witnessed stability and people began to experience prosperity. Several temples were built in this area during the Kadamba rule.

Knowing the above-listed facts will help you enjoy your life to the fullest.