What are the various advantages of inflation device?

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An inflation device for a balloon catheter has a pistol-grip handle with a trigger to release a screw piston to allow quick inflation and deflation of the balloon catheter. Trigger polarisation and thread angle of the coupling threads are selected to repeatedly issue the plunger when the safe balloon catheter pressure is going on. A trigger guard slides over the trigger to avoid accidental procedure and pressure release. This device must be bought from inflation device distributors because they maintain the quality of it. It is preferable that the inflation devices used a balloon catheter in angioplasty or valvuloplasty inflate the balloon precisely to the desired pressure, maintain that pressure and then let down the balloon to the point of achieving a vacuum, to remove or relocate the catheter. Balloon catheters from specialised manufacturers and for variant procedures require variable pressures. In an emergency, the inflation device can inflate or deflate quickly.Search for – weight loss programs

There are many inflation devices commercially accessible in the prior art. In general, these inflation devices include a pressure gauge to determine the precise pressure of the fluid transmitted to the balloon and employ screw pistons to allow the physician to set up the force accurately. The quick-release levers will enable the separation of the sector members from the driving thread of the plunger threads to permit rapid movement of the plunger through inflation or deflation. In general, prior art inflation devices have more than one deficiency. Like

-Having handles that have a shape and location that make it complicated to hold and operate the inflation device concurrently

-Have small or no safety characteristic, hidden regions of the fluid pressure chamber or corridors that allow undetected air bubbles to be trapped where they hold up with pressurization or pose a threat in the experience of balloon breakdown, and other deficiencies

Advantages of the inflation device:

  • Angioplasty and valvuloplasty actions are enhancing due to the physician’s capability to bring about balloon treatment pressures more quickly and accurately.
  • Patient safety is improving by the automatic release of pressure that could otherwise cause damage to the blood vessels or failure of the balloon.
  • Protection of a quick release trigger on an inflation device is prevented by trigger protection during manipulation of a catheter and device.

An additional feature which has the provision moulded insertion plunger that results in piston resistance along with corrosion resistance pressure fluid compatibility. The rule of a transparent moulded pressure barrel mounted to allow visibility of the pressurised fluid to allow purging and removal of all air bubbles.

Key benefits and features:

  • Ergonomically designed to ensure accurate inflation of intervention devices.
  • Angle analogue gauge for enhanced viewing of pressure readings
  • 5 ml of safety space designed to minimise air bubbles introduced into the balloon
  • Pressure equal to 30 ATM (440 Psi)
  • 33cm extension tube
  • 20 ml capability
  • Three-way stopcock
  • Single use only


The inflation device has small, or no safety characteristic, hidden regions of the fluid pressure chamber allow undetected air bubbles to be trapped, and the multi-stage endoscopic dilator offers greater accuracy and control through all phases of an endoscopic dilation. The doctor always buy this product from the endoscopic inflation product dealer.

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