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What Is The Use Of Tag Tags In SEO Optimization?

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1, is conducive to spiders to crawl the site, increase the chain inside the site

When A, B, C, D, and page have a tag, when updating a new page E, there is also a tag. If the crawling frequency of the website is normal, the E page will be captured in the first time, and of course, other pages will be crawled along the a-label of the E page.

2, it is convenient for visitors to easily find related articles according to tags, and can also call the same Tags articles on the article page. The relevance of the entire page is also very high, and it is also helpful to optimize long tail keywords through article pages.

3. According to SEO Consultant in Rawalpindi use the Tags page to optimize long tail words or short words of the second step and some effective words.

At this time, it is recommended that Tags be static or convenient for search engine indexing. Do not bring =xx741884d000462a1&issp=1&f=8&rsv_bp=0&rsv_

Similar strings are easy to include. Tags aggregate all articles belonging to the same class or related articles, and it is conceivable that the current Tags tab page is very relevant to the Tags tag.

4. The change of direction increases the number of pages on the website. If you do the third item above and update the article frequently, each time you generate a new Tag, there will be a page corresponding to the new Tag. Is this a good understanding? The Tags label should be used reasonably, and the station should be repeated.

How to write website tag tags

Tag is a kind of list, more flexible to classify articles, you can do a lot of keyword pages on seo!

Let me give you an example.

You have three articles,

A star got married in October 2018.

B celebrity passed away in October 2018

A special event occurred in Area C in October 2018.

If you want to do a list of big events in October 2018 (don’t know if there is a search for big events in October 2018, just for example), you can make a tag and throw all three articles into it.

At the same time, you can make a tag about A star, do related keywords, and throw all the relevant A stars into it.

Do another tag about B celebrities, do related keywords, assign articles

Do a tag about the C area, do related keywords, and assign articles

Does the TAG tag keyword have an effect on the ranking?

Many big stations want to rank by Tag tag aggregation, which is very beneficial for SEO. Keep doing it and classify the TAG tags.

Do you need to write a tag for each page?

Tag is an aggregate page, which is the summary of the article as a keyword, which is to use a lot of pages to push a keyword and then start to do TAG when you have enough article pages.

What is the website tag tab writing specifications?

Most of the use of Tag tags is to aggregate, link content pages, flatten the structure of the site, and a popular list is a listing page.

1. The details page in the entire website structure is mainly standardized by such structure as .html/.shtml;

2, and you said that the TAG tag except the details page uses the suffix of .html, the other can be, you can not go “-” or “_”, it does not matter, in fact, add the URL structure of these two special symbols Mainly used in the re-search module for secondary and re-combination screening functions, TAG directory structure specification is best not to use, I recommend

The above two forms, after all, you have made a label, there will definitely be a label aggregation page, which is more friendly to both the search engine and the user experience, and the directory structure on the URL structure is the best. The form is the constant level. Make search engines easier to analyze your site structure and increase the friendliness of search engines

Do the website’s Tag page and column page title affect the SEO effect exactly?

The title of the article is a place with a high weight in an article. After the spider crawls and grabs an article, it will record the title, and the different pages will be labelled the same. The spider will mistakenly think that there is a crawl.

Excessive existence of the same title page, it is recommended to modify. Search engines are affected in the data pre-processing “de-duplication, word segmentation”, so too many duplicate articles will result in no inclusion.

Why is the tag list page difficult to include?

First, the page does not have an entry for the search engine, resulting in the page not being included.

Second, the search engine considers the quality of the page to be underneath.

How many tag tags are set in an article?

1-3 can be, there is no absolute quantity standard, if the article is very long, you can set a few more. It is recommended to set the Tag tag for each article to about 3.

What is the special meaning of the keyword tag collection at the end of the article?

One topic page is equal to a level 2 directory. Multiple entries in one article may cause spiders to crawl. It is best not to add multiple tags to the same article. If you add more than one tag, the spider may only include one, but one advantage is that the spider knows that the secondary directory for each of your tag tags is updated. So you are assigned more quotas to grab so that the quota should be used immediately and at the right time.

Website tag page url with Chinese is good?

First, the Tag tag recommends using Urdu Language characters.

Because the search engine will have a good ranking after the inclusion.

Second, if the tag uses pinyin, there will be cases where the title is also pinyin. Of course, you can also develop and modify this problem.

Third, after the Urdu Language characters in the link are compiled, the search engine can correctly recognize and give a normal display. At present, there is no need to worry, the label is a problem that the Urdu Language characters are not compiled and searched.

So, don’t worry about the use of Urdu Language tags in tag tags.

Why do many people use the tag of Urdu Language characters?

(1) Because many people use CMS, they don’t code, so they can only stay like this.

(2) think that the ranking is very good, no need to modify.

(3) I did not expect to optimize.

(4) The part that begins the author’s narrative is also often said.

Does the tag need to be optimized?

It is recommended that if you have the ability to suggest optimization, it will improve the inclusion of the website and facilitate sharing to other websites.

Moreover, according to the author Ahtesham Nazir inspection, it is found that the tag Urdu Language character tag is compiled into different things by different browsers, and the search engine may include garbled characters when it is included. This is possible. (The reason for garbled may be because your site map, external link guide link is compiled)

In addition, the compiled Urdu Language character tag link is not convenient for people to remember, especially after many browsers open, the Urdu Language character link will be compiled into a garbled browser link.


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